TUFFPAULIN Plastic 30FtX20Ft 120 Gsm Blue Tarpaulin Tirpal Tadpatri Tharpai Thadika,Extra Strong,Reinforced,Uv Resistant,100% Waterproof Virgin,6 Layer Mlcl 3D Rib Technology-1 No.,240x360x0.03 In

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Product Description

Tuffpaulin Tarpaulin Tirpal, Tadpatri Tharpai Thadika, Eyelets, UV Resistant, Waterproof 3D Rib,Tuffpaulin Tarpaulin Tirpal, Tadpatri Tharpai Thadika, Eyelets, UV Resistant, Waterproof 3D Rib,

Tarpaulin SheetTarpaulin Sheet

Tuffpaulin is made using German Machinery having reinforcing multilayered structure in order to provide strength in multiple directions. The ribbed reinforcements reduce the tearing incase of an induced puncture.

The criss cross layers in the film make bonding perfect and practically non-tearable. This is a better alternate to HDPE fabrics, Polyethylene sheets and other coverings normally used in similar applications. Tuffpaulin is designed with Ultraviolet protection for usage as covers due to its flexibility, water proof properties, toughness, high puncture resistance, excellent tensile properties and superb tear resistance.

The product is available in various thickness and colours.

Bike cover Bike cover

scooty coversscooty covers

hay coverhay cover

Tuffpaulin Tarpaulin Tirpal 6 layered technologyTuffpaulin Tarpaulin Tirpal 6 layered technology

Bike Covers

Scooty Covers

Hay Covers

6 Layered Technology

pond linerpond liner

roof protectorroof protector

ac coverac cover

tarpaulin roolstarpaulin rools

Pond Liner

Roof Protector

AC Cover

Tarpaulin Rolls

Quality of Products

120?bv_host= GSM Light Duty120?bv_host= GSM Light Duty

150?bv_host= GSM Premium Duty150?bv_host= GSM Premium Duty

20?bv_host=0?bv_host= GSM Heavy Duty20?bv_host=0?bv_host= GSM Heavy Duty

250?bv_host= GSM Super Heavy Duty250?bv_host= GSM Super Heavy Duty

Light Duty Tarpaulin 120 GSM

Premium Quality Tarpaulin 150 GSM

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin 200 GSM

Super Heavy Duty Tarpaulin 250 GSM

Tuffpaulin TirpalTuffpaulin Tirpal

Do You Know!!!

Our lightest-weight tarp is still tougher than anything else offered on the market. It has welded seams and 6 layer technology. It’s waterproof, weatherproof and just about anything-else-proof.

The Medium Duty Tuffpaulin tarp lasts 5 times longer than ordinary tarp.

Tuffpaulin FactoryTuffpaulin Factory


Our group has many multilayer lines, co-extrusion lines, twist film plants, printing machines, woven fabric tape line plants, lamination plants.

We take pride in our product, technology and assure that our clients earn respect from sales of our product.

Mumbai Chennai Gurgaon Ludhiana

Our Strength

Global Presence

Hi-Tech International Group is the largest specialized group. It has plants in USA, France, Italy and India. With a vision to improve the sustainability and anticipating market trends and future environmental regulations,

Hi Tech Group a 38 year old manufacturer of masterbatches, resins and films has developed a new range of renewable and degradable biobased.

Our bio polymers are produced from Corn Starch in the agriculture rich region of Punjab, India and available in 45 countries globally.

Los Angeles, California, USA Modena, Italy and Lyon, France

6 Layers Laminated Structure – Unlike the traditional woven tarp which is a 3 layered product, Tuffpaulin tarpaulin is a 6 layered cross laminated multi-layered structure that is up-to 5X longer lasting and is completely seamless.
Waterproof – Tuffpaulin Tarps are stitch less and have heat sealed corners and edges. Rain or shine, snow or wind this heavy tarp can handle it well. It is UV resistant, waterproof and weather proof, and can withstand storms and the elements outdoors.
UV Resistant – Sunlight can’t harm Tuffpaulin tarpaulin. It is fortified with UV resistant additives that increase the life when in the exposure of sunlight
Dual protection built-in Grommets – The automatically welded metal gromets combined with ultrasonic plastic gromets on corners and after every approx. 3 feet for allow easy tie-downs.
The Best Around – Made from 6 layered cross laminated films , this material is made to last longer than ordinary tarps. Don’t get tired of replacing torn, worn-out plastic tarps, use one that offers the best protection and is designed to last.
Uses – Can be used as weather and yard equipment cover. In outdoor it can be used for protection sheet for tent, pool, sandbox, boats, wood, bikes, dump bins, cars or motor vehicles. Providing camping shelter from the wind, rain or sunlight for campers. As roof for shade or emergency roof patch material, truck bed cover, debris removal drawstring tarp. It is portable, washable, durable and reusable.


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